Moving from VMWare to KVM is getting simpler

Great post from Richard WM Jones: virt-v2v: better living through new technology on the progress in libguesestfs to provide tools to migrate physical and virtual server from different sources and technologies to KVM.
One of the inhibitor for adoption of KVM as an hypervisor technology ready for supporting the needs of enterprises has been the lack of tooling like this ones to help to migrate existing systems and images that use proprietary virtualization technologies: mainly VMWare.
There were available several point solutions that helped to perform partial, limited, unreliable conversions, several vendors stepped in build highly proprietary solutions to help customers and it is grooving business.
But the work of building more advanced capabilities in the base tools of the KVM open source community will enable to broaden the adoption, create standardization, take advantage of them in other open source ecosystems. In particular I see this very good for OpenStack that will benefit of tools that can accelerate on boarding of existing systems and images on the cloud platform.


Welcome to my personal Blog

Welcome to my blog!  I am very excited to start my first step in the blogging universe.

I can hear you asking puzzled: Who are you, why are blogging and about what you will be blogging about ?

I am Fabio Benedetti, I live in Rome, in the beautiful Italy. I am married, father of two kids and I am very proud of my family and I like a lot to spend quality and happy time with them.

For sure in this blog I will mention once in a while them a bit but the main topics covered here will be more related to the other part of my life that it is sucking up a lot of time like <begin drama> a black hole devours stars <end drama>: my business as a software architect in IBM. More precisely my formal job role is: Senior Technical Staff Member IBM Software Group in Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure brand. Pretty impressive eh?

I have more then 20 years experience in the IT industry with IBM. In my current role I am the lead architect driving the development of the IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator product and my main area of expertise is in architecture and implementation of automation products for managing private and service provider cloud computing infrastructures.

Prior of this role I have been Cloud Computing architect in the IBM Software Group services organization working with several customers on designing and implementing large scale service provider and private cloud computing infrastructures. Before I have covered a variety of technical roles within the software development organization in areas of service management, workload scheduling, network management, networking.

In my career I have been touching, by developing directly or driving technical teams, most of the software technologies invented from the first personal computer was conceived. Just for example: I started programming on an Apple2, then moved to Digital VAX, to Apple Mac, then joined IBM and moved on Mainframe MVS and S370, then OS/2, AIX, Windows 95, Windows XP, RH Linux, etc… And now I am an happy owner of a MacBook Pro that I enjoy to code one 🙂

I think you already started to suspect that all this will have a big role in what I am looking forward to share through this Blog. Yes, I will be mainly talk about technology, share my ideas about where I see this exciting IT world is going, what are the good, the bad and the crazy trends of this work that I love but sometime I also hate.

What I will be sharing is for sure something that will trigger in me a lot of interest, curiosity, sometime excitement and other anger, but really hope it will be also interesting for you to start and continue follow me.

See you at the next Blog post, Fabio 🙂